Best Power Washing Cuyahoga County
Residential Services

Residential Services

  • House Washing
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning and Clearing
  • Driveways, Sidewalks and Patios
  • Concrete and Decorative Sealing
  • Wood -Decks, Fences, Porches
  • Exterior Windows
Commerical Services

Commercial Services

  • Building Exterior
  • Sidewalks and Parking Lots
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Trailers and Trucks
  • Ice Removal
  • New Construction

Restoration Services

  • Rust Removal
  • Gum Removal
  • Oil and Stain Removal
  • Graffiti Restoration
  • Moss / Algae Removal
  • Wood Stripping and Brightening

Best Power Washing Cuyahoga County

About Us

PowerGreen is an environmentally responsible residential and commercial power washing, soft-washing HEALTH AND SAFETY, environmental restoration company offering services including exterior cleaning, stamped and poured concrete sealing, and graffiti, oil, and gum removal and restorations.

The PowerGreen team, based out of Olmsted Falls, Ohio, is proudly owned and operated Kyle O’Hearn, a local Marine Corps veteran. Kyle started Powergreen with the goal of bringing high quality affordable residential and commercial pressure washing and restoration services to Cleveland Ohio and its surrounding cities. Powergreen is CLE proud!.

The goal of PowerGreen is to make your home or business a healthier place to live and work.

What is soft-washing?

This is how we guarantee to protect your most important investment…your home!

The term “soft-washing” is exactly what it sounds like. Using lighter pressure to safely and effectively clean the exterior of your house or business. This process uses chemicals to do the heavy lifting rather than a jet stream of high-pressure water to force the dirt off.  It is particularly effective for removing mold and other stubborn stains without the worry of damaging your home.

Done incorrectly, pressure washing can seriously damage your home. If the pressure is too great, you can crack or dent the siding or even strip off the vinyl clear coating. If the angle is incorrect, you can trap water behind the siding or cause damage the structure underneath

How often should I wash my house and roof?

Good question!

Ideally, siding should be cleaned twice a year, particularly in shady or damp areas where mold and mildew thrive. If your siding is not shaded or damp, and it looks clean, you can probably reduce the frequency to once a year. When you begin to see green mold on your house you are greatly overdue for a cleaning. Besides being unsightly on your home, if left untreated it can pose serious health risks and permanently discolor and damage your home.

Your roof should be washed once every 3 to 5 years. A good indicator that you are overdue for cleaning is the black streaks coming down your shingles. Those streaks are a shingle-damaging black bacteria called Gloeocapsa magma and can cause serious damage if left untreated. Besides eating the lime in your shingles, slowly eating away your roof, it harbors moisture and makes a perfect home for moss to grow, further damaging your roof.

A roof cleaning will generally run anywhere from 3%-5% of the cost of a complete roof replacement. 

Will your equipment or chemicals damage my pants or landscaping?

No it won’t!

We operate some of the safest and highest quality equipment in the business designed for efficiency. We pre-wet all landscaping to ensure no plants are dry and vulnerable to damage and take special precautions around the most sensitive plants and gardens by avoiding contact completely using coverings.

How much will it cost me?

The short version:

The best way to answer this is to fill out and submit the “Request a Free Quote” form.

The long version:

We base our prices on several factors; the cost of chemicals, the length of time a job should take to be completed and lastly on the size of the area to be cleaned which we can measure for you quickly and easily over satellite.

The cost of our services are extremely affordable we have many great discounts for you to take advantage of. .

Also because we believe in no-nonsense straight to the point honest answers when it comes to our customers and our service, you will always get our best price before discounts on the first estimate.

House washing starts at $229

Roof Washing starts at $299

Driveway cleanings will run between $120 and $250 when combined with other services.

(sealing prices will be dependant on what level sealant used.)

Keep in mind these prices do not take into account any discounts you may receive or combo packages applied to your order or any unforeseen obstacles, obstructions and do no account for deep stain, oil, rust, moss, graffiti removal or preexisting damage.  ALL quotes are dependent on your specific application based primarily on the size of the area you need to be cleaned or restored. Quotes generally can be done over the phone in minutes and can be done on site by request or as to be determined by our staff. 

How can we offer the prices we do and not worry about competitors trying to undercut? 

Just like our cleaning process, the answer to that is very simple.

We are in a unique situation. We have professional-grade commercial equipment, (the kind you would imagine is in those large chain companies box trucks…it’s not) and access to the very best pressure washing chemicals and informational resources in the industry.  

In many cases, we offer better and more personalized service than the larger commercialized companies but we differ in one very important way; We are a local, family and veteran owned company, that focuses on a much smaller area, Cleveland, its suburbs and local Counties.

Simply put, we honestly care about your property like it was our own. Our results directly impact our reputation. We let our reviews speak for themselves!

Cleveland is the city where we live and the city we love and we want to bring great service to the amazing people who live here. We believe in keeping it simple and keeping you informed. All this allows us to offer you the lowest price possible for the service you are getting. Building relationships and long term customers were the way companies did service a long time ago and we intend to bring that back to the modern day.

Why are some companies cheaper than us?

All companies are not equal so comparing us to the lowest bidder is not an accurate comparison. Would you trust someone to do the same job as you in your place of employment for half as much pay, and more importantly would you trust him or her to do the same quality of work and take the same pride in it as you do?

Ask questions when a company sends you a quote. Are they properly trained and fully insured to protect your most expensive investment or will they give you the run-around if they need to settle any damage caused to your home, roof or surrounding structure? Are they using the proper techniques to complete the work? Do they have professional equipment and the proper chemicals? Are they members of any certifying governing body in this industry?

Does the technician on your property actually care if your property looks amazing? Ours do! We treat your property like it’s our own. 

Bottom line: If they beat our prices they won’t even come close to our service.

Am I protected and Are you insured?

Yes we are!

Rest assured your property is in good hands. Although HIGHLY unlikely to be used. Powergreen is insured for up to $2,000,000 against any damage with commercial general liability insurance.

Why choose us over the lowest bid?

Why should you choose Powergreen over another company? 

Several great reasons!

Most importantly we are first and foremost a cleaning and restoration company. We don’t dabble in landscaping, remodeling or painting. That ensures our quality of service never becomes watered down. It also allows us to stay at the forefront of the industry with the most effective and up-to-date industry equipment, chemicals, methods, and training.

Second, you can rest assured you are in good hands. We boast an outstanding satisfaction record.  We not only solve your problems, restore the cleanliness of your home and business we also educate you on our process along the way.

Our reputation depends on our work. We are owner operated and we take great pride in how your home looks when we are finished. Since we don’t mass advertise or spend thousands monthly on costly campaigns, we can cut down our costs allows us to lower our prices, saving you money!

Beware of the scams!

Many companies will try to sell you services at a dirt cheap price and that is exactly the quality of service you will receive. Be cautious and be sure to ask a lot of questions about equipment, insurance, chemicals, and methods used. If your contractor can’t answer the simplest of questions and is using underpowered or inexpensive equipment, they are not a professional cleaning company, most likely do not carry the needed insurance and you are putting your home at risk. (A good indicator of a company like this is one using pressure to remove dirt and grime from your home rather than a soft chemical wash).

Trust in us and let us make a believer out of you!

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