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Professional Soft Washing

Professional Soft Washing


Soft washing services are excellent in keeping the delicate exterior aspect of your home clean and shiny without causing them to suffer any damage. Although pressure washing is an excellent method to get your exterior cleaned, experts sometimes advise that some delicate parts should be cleaned by soft washing. Some outer parts that require soft washing are;

  • wood panel siding
  • cedar shake roofing
  • Stucco and coquina
  • Screens, screened enclosures, and lanais

Whenever these installations require cleaning, pressure washing might not be efficient. Therefore, you need to opt for soft washing by hiring professionals trained and experienced to do the job. Below are the key benefits of soft washing.

Benefits of soft washing

1. It keeps Your Home Looking clean and attractive

After a long period of rough weather, dirt and grime will begin to accumulate, leaving an adaptable environment for green growth. Algae, moss, etc. make your home’s exterior susceptible to blotches, stains, and streaks. Proper and regular soft cleaning helps maintain your home’s exterior areas by keeping all the features and fixtures looking their best.

With a professional soft wash, your house will get free from dirt, grime, and algae making your exterior shine like brand new, and thus, maintaining the value of your property.

2. Keeps Your Family Healthy

Allowing Algae growth, mold, and mildew on your roof, windows, and other exterior areas will increase the chance of these bacteria growing in your interior. It is vital to understand that they are capable of introducing respiratory issues and allergic reactions for you and your family.

Soft washing not only reduces or removes mold and algae, but the cleaning agents used by experts also help destroy these organisms from their roots. This implies that you’ll keep you and your family healthy, and it would take a long time before you start planning another soft washing for your home.

3. Increases the durability of exterior parts and the overall longevity of your home.

Besides health risks, leaving your home’s exterior areas, uncleaned can introduce permanent and expensive damages to your home. For example, damages caused by lichen, fungi, and algae can gradually deteriorate the roof shingles and reduce the life span of your roof.

Regular Soft washing by professional soft washing services will magically increase the life span of your exterior surfaces, and you won’t need to deal with repairing or replacing regularly.

4. Keeps Pests away

Soft washing eliminates dirt, grime, algae, etc. but it doesn’t end there.  By soft washing your home’s exterior, you’re also removing adaptable areas for pests.

Pests such as roaches, birds, and rodents, are likely to thrive when your house is dirty. Professional soft washing services will help you remove the dirt and keep pests away from your property.

In conclusion, if you’ve not thought about having a soft wash for your dirty and grimy delicate exterior parts, now is the time because it benefits you as a homeowner. For your next soft wash in (Northeast, OH), (Powergreen Pressure Washing) is available to offer the best professional soft washing services for you. Call us today at (216-839-9274)!

Pressure Washing versus Power Washing

Pressure Washing versus Power Washing

Water is a powerful tool for cleaning a lot of different stuff. Clothes, cars, dishes, buildings, and more can all be cleaned thanks to water. Water alone is not enough to get stuff clean, however. Soap and other cleaning agents are what truly achieve cleanliness. This is why we use soap when we wash our dishes, cars, and the like. That said, sometimes even the power of soap is not enough in order to achieve cleanliness. Sometimes, however, it’s a simple matter of scale. Some objects and surfaces are large enough that hand washing becomes time consuming and takes too long. Trying to wash the walls of a house is a good example of this. No one would wash their walls by hand if they could avoid doing so, and there are ways to avoid such tedious washing.

An easy way to make washing easier and faster, especially for larger or more stubborn surfaces, is by adding pressure. Using pressurized water to clean large surfaces faster, to clean surfaces that have stubborn dirt or grease on them, or both, is a common method cleaning. There are several different methods for utilizing pressure to clean surfaces, and they all have their uses.

One such cleaning method is, appropriately enough, pressure washing. Pressure washing utilizes high pressure to clean surfaces quickly. This method is, like most washing methods, dependent on soap or detergent to ensure a proper cleaning of the surface. Pressure washing also has the problem that the surface being washed needs to be durable enough to sustain the effort of cleaning without getting damaged itself. Brick walls and sidewalks are good uses of pressure washing.

You might think a car with is a type of pressure washing, but that’s actually soft washing, which uses low pressure and sometimes heat to clean surfaces that require pressure, but can’t handle the higher efforts of pressure washing. This naturally limits pressure washing’s uses, especially when it comes to removing grease. Grease is stubborn, and to get rid of it you generally need hot water. For large applications of removing the sort of stubborn filth where heat ensures the job gets done, there’s power washing.

Power washing is very similar to pressure washing, except that it also adds heat. Power washing is great for removing stubborn grease or dirt and filth from textured surfaces like concrete or bricks when pressure washing isn’t enough to handle the job. the use of heat to assist with washing is incredibly common. Washing clothes and dishes is often done with the help of heat, but it doesn’t have to be done that way. Much like washing clothes, the use of hot or cold water can sometimes be up to the person doing the cleaning. Power washing is generally better because of the heat, but not as many surfaces can take that heat as can handle just pressure washing. Both washing styles rely on high pressure and other means to achieve cleanliness. Which one is better depends largely on the surface getting cleaned and what sort of dirt and grime is involved.

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Professional Soft Washing


Over time, dirt, grime, bird droppings, and other unwanted dirt can ruin your property’s appearance. While you can try different cleaning tactics, sometimes the only solution is to pressure wash it. The team (Power Green Pressure Washing) quickly cleans the exterior of your home and offers pressure washing services when you need them most! With a constant flow of water, we can remove the stubborn dirt from your property under high pressure. While pressure washing can damage if not done correctly, you don’t have to worry about this. Our specialists (Power Green Pressure Washing) use the correct pressure, nozzle, and spray distances to ensure we don’t throw wood, remove paint, or damage your property.

Four reasons why pressure washing is needed to improve your property

A clean property not only makes the property environment safe and healthy but also provides an attractive image. Normal cleaning methods that involve cumbersome hand scrubbing and the use of chemicals are normally not always the best way to clean your property. 

Importance of pressure washing.

1. A pressure washing helps maintain the value of your property.

This is one of the importance of using pressure washing to take care of a property. The home, especially the outside, is continuously exposed to natural and human-made elements such as wind, dust, dirt, rain, smoke, dirt, and more. These elements adversely affect the walls of the house and the external paint, which can easily decrease your property value. Pressure washing refreshes and preserves your home’s appearance and makes selling easier and represents a higher value in the case.

2. Pressure washing hinders permanent destruction to your property

Dirt, mildew, mold, algae, and winter grime taint can damage your property if not given attention for long periods. Pressure washing makes it easy to remove these items without polluting the environment compared with the traditional cleaning method.

3. Pressure washing helps in preserving the beauty of your property.

Ugly stains, molds, mildew, dust, and other types of elements can affect the spectacular appeal of your property.  Pressure washing will help you regain that beauty your property has, reach those far fetched areas, and remove dirt. With pressure washing, the exterior of the property, driveway, and parking lot look new. Amazing your guests and clients.

4. Pressure washing helps you to prepare surfaces to be worked on.

 Pressure washing is the best way to clean and prepare surfaces such as decks or exterior walls for painting and finishing. Pressure washing guarantees access to areas where cracks and crevices are difficult to access and helps renew surfaces, unlike other cleaning solutions.

We strongly recommend pressure washing at least once or twice a year. However, contact a professional service at (Power Green Pressure Washing) to avoid damaging your property with pressure washing.

The advantage of (Power Green Pressure Washing)  pressure washing service at(Strongsville, OH)

 (Power Green) pressure washing is available in the area (Strongsville, OH). We offer a separate commercial pressure washing unit. It combines hot water and environmentally friendly cleaning products to effectively remove mold, mildew, dirt, soot, and other contaminants.

Our processes not only guarantee quality washing. The cleaning products we use are non-abrasive and biodegradable, so lawns, plants, shrubs, and bushes are safe.

Call (Power Green Pressure Washing) for all cleaning and pressure washing requirements. We will work hard to restore the building’s facade, siding, fence, walkway,  and more to remove dirt, stains, grimes, and graffiti.

We are so sure that you will be very happy with the results we will achieve to guarantee your satisfaction.

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Pressure Washing versus Power Washing

Soft Washing for Roof Cleaning By Professionals

Did you know that you could clean and treat those black streaks on your roof and wall properly? Well if the answer is no, then you are in for a surprise. Those ugly streaks are actually accumulated fungus and bacteria, as well as a bunch of other organic things eating at your building, and can be cleaned with relative ease. Soft washing is an eco-friendly method of removing and cleaning such infestations.

Soft washing is an innovative cleaning process using low pressure propulsion technique, and specialized cleaning solutions (typically any form of detergent, bleach, surfactants, and water) to remove organic stains, mildew, algae, moss, soot, and bacteria from the roofs of buildings, walls, and other exteriors.

Many roofing manufacturers actually recommend using low-pressure bleach or detergent assisted washing – what is generally referred to as soft washing – for cleaning your roof to prevent your shingle from damages. Before we get into the details, let us briefly look at the process that is soft washing.

Soft washing is the use of an electric sprayer to apply a water-detergent based biodegradable disinfecting cleaning solutions to kill the fungus, algae, moss, mildew, mold, and bacteria forming on the exterior surfaces of buildings, either residential or commercial. 

Benefits of soft washing

Apart from the obvious benefits associated with soft washing, here are three benefits you get if you soft wash your roof

  • Property investment

Hiring a professional to clean your roof is cheaper than doing it yourself. If you hire a professional to soft wash your roof, you save a lot of money that you can invest in other areas of your property.

  • Broadened roof lifespan

Algae feed on the limestone deposits in your shingles making them brittle. It cause up to 50% roof damage by making them incapable of reflecting the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

  • Aesthetic Value

Hiring a professional to clean your roof regularly, helps keep your building looking beautiful. Regular soft washing ensures that the standard of your house is kept. Your house does not lose its aesthetic value and is more marketable, if you are thinking about renting or selling it.

Why you should hire professionals to soft wash your roof

Regular professional roof cleaning does not a lot more than just making your roof spotless and free of ugly black streaks. Soft wash roof cleaning helps in the removal of damaging debris; including leaves, seeds, animal droppings, and residue from acid rain. It deeply cleans your roof and make sure that the overall lifespan of each shingle is upheld.

Professional roof cleaners have the knowledge, equipment and experience needed to clean your roof without causing damages. They are able to create an eco-friendly cleaning solution, which the average person cannot, and properly care for your roof.

Bringing in a professionally trained roof cleaner to soft wash your roof is a step in the right direction. If you are not properly knowledgeable on soft washing, you could make a mess of the job and leave long-term effects on both your roof and the environment. 

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Professional Soft Washing

Stay Off The Ladder Hire A Roof Cleaning Professional

A roof cleaning can be extremely challenging and in some cases dangerous as slips can result in severe injuries or event into fatalities. A ladder will be needed in order to clean a roof and this alone can be a dangerous situation as navigating the roof in order to clean different areas, which may result in an unfortunate fall. In addition, in many cases people to do not have the required equipment and experience in order to perform an appropriate cleaning as the procedure may require specific chemicals and heavy equipment that you do not own and do not have the experience to handle and use, which can also lead to accidents. Finally, the roof may be damaged and hence a cleaning professional will be required in order to perform the cleaning.

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