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Why Does My Asphalt Shingle Roof Have Black Streaks On It?

Why Does My Asphalt Shingle Roof Have Black Streaks On It?

Those ugly black streaks and dark spots on your roof may look like dirt, soot, mildew, or mold, but what they indeed are is algae. The most common type is called gloeocaspa magma, which is also known as blue-green algae.

Algae growth usually starts as tiny spots which become visible streaks with time. Usually, before you notice, it has been on the roof for about two or more months.

Why does it appear black? Gloeocaspa can create a protective darkly pigmented outer coating that protects the algae from possible damage from UV rays. This is why your roof has those unsightly streaks. While algae can be found on all roofing types, it is usually more common on asphalt shingles.

Why do Asphalt Shingles get Algae?

Algae spores can be brought to your roof by wind and birds, and because they are airborne, they can rapidly spread from rooftop to rooftop in your neighborhood. It is likewise the case for condos, townhomes, and apartment complexes.

To reduce cost, most shingle manufacturers have switched to shingles containing asphalt, mostly made up of fillers such as crushed limestone and fiberglass, which facilitates the growth of algae. The crushed limestone filler is a food source for those algae.

Is Your Roof Algae Dangerous or Harmful?

Roof algae are not dangerous or harmful on its own, but eventually, the algae can cause the protective UV granules covering the roofing shingles to begin to come off by drying them out.

Fungus, which is also airborne, can combine with algae present on your roof to form into lichen. This lichen feeds off both the shingle filler and the algae. Unlike algae, lichen can grow roots, which makes it more difficult to remove than algae.

How do You Remove the Black Streaks on Your Roof

You can easily remove your roof algae by occasionally cleaning your roof. However, you should note that while cleaning your roof yourself is good for its maintenance, it may void any roof warranties or insurance policies you may have.  Always hire a professional roof cleaning company, that specializes in soft washing to remove the black streaks on your roof.


Roof algae can be a displeasing site every time you look at your roof. The black streaks are very unattractive, but with proper and occasional cleaning (once in a year or two), you can keep your roof looking new.

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How Do You Soft Wash?

How Do You Soft Wash?

Know what chemicals you need

There are only three chemicals that you need to mix to make your soft wash solution. First and foremost, you need to start your base with bleach. Bleach is the main component to the mix because it is used to kill off any bacteria, germs, mildew, mold, and stagnant viruses. The bleach is mixed with the second ingredient, water, which is used only to dilute the bleach. So, if your bleach is already diluted then there is no need to add any more water. The third ingredient is cleaning surfactant. What is a chemical surfactant? It is a soap that is used to lift greases, sticky substances, and stuck on mud. It is the same thing that you use on your cloths in the washing machine. These three ingredients are the only ingredients you need to make your soft wash mix.

Know what pressure is correct

Soft washing isn’t pressure washing. Pressure washing uses a high-pressure valve that forces dirt and grime off the surface. Instead of pressure, soft washing uses the soap to lift the dirt. So, you need to know what pressure is best for your surface. Mainly the water is used to wet the surface and wash the soap from the area. Even a hose can be used during the soft washing process.

Hire a professional for proper care

The process is pretty simple, but the proper care and mix of the chemicals is highly important. A professional will be able to bring all of the right equipment. If you try to do it yourself then you will be buying all of the chemicals and the equipment yourself. Soft washing doesn’t get rid of everything. You still will need to remove the larger debris. If you are washing your roof then getting a professional to get up there is your best option.

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How Do You Soft Wash?

Services Provided By (Power Green), to Help Clean Your Concrete in (Northeast, OH)

When it comes to cleaning different parts of your house, the concrete outside is often overlooked. The concept is that it is a part of the driveway and that it doesn’t need to be cleaned because it is frequently used by cars and will get dirty again. That may just be the wrong way to go about the cleaning aspect of it. 

That is where our company comes in. If you are living in (Northeast, OH) then our company is the perfect one for you. We offer services that will help make your concrete cleaning an easy and smooth process. All you need to know now are the services we provide.

Concrete Cleaning

More often than not, this is a service that most people request in the summers. This helps keep the concrete cool and additionally helps it keep clean too. Our company helps provide great services to you, the customer, and makes sure that we satisfy you in all aspects of the work. 

Below are just some services that we provide to you if you live in (Northeast, OH). 

  1. Pressure Washing

In our company, we believe in making sure that the job is always done right in one go and that the customer goes away happy and satisfied by our level of professionalism and work. That is why we make sure that we provide a service that will help us get the best results.

By using pressure washing, the concrete gets cleaned out and also stays cool. The cold-water seeps in and makes sure that the pavement and the concrete remain cool. With pressure washing, any dirt that is on the concrete is swept away leaving a clean and clear concrete slab. 

  1. Getting Rid of Algae and Moss

More often than not, algae and moss start growing at the edges of the concrete and sometimes even in the middle of it where cracks have formed. That is where we come in. Our workers use their skills to make sure that they get rid of any access and unwanted moss or algae that is more often than not an eyesore. 

Any grease or any of the other undesirable mold that may have formed on the concrete is cleaned thoroughly to make sure that it has been completely eradicated. 

Final Thoughts

Our company, situated in (Northeast, OH) is there to help you in any case possible. From cleaning your concrete to making sure that it remains that way, our experts are always on the scene and help make sure that you are provided with the best services and also the best advice on how to make sure that your concrete stays the way it looks after cleaning. 

Satisfied customers are the hallmark of a good company and our purpose is to make sure that receive that level of loyalty and adoration from our customers. For any more information, please give us a call at (216-839-9274) 

How Do You Soft Wash?

Soft washing stone to remove dirt and algae

The hot and humid weather can result in the accumulation of dirt, algae, and molds on the walls, rocks, and your house. However, when you think of washing and cleaning the stones and the house, you need to find out the best possible way to do it.

Pressure cleaning and soft washing are the two options if you are thinking of cleaning and removing the dirt that accumulates on the stones.

The pressure washing uses water on high pressure. Whereas, soft washing is a process that involves the detergents, surfactants, and mild washing solutions.

Why not pressure washing?

When you opt for the pressure washing, you need to prepare yourself about the risks that come with it. Pressure washing can lessen the life of the stone or the siding. Do you know why? When the water is used with high pressure to clean the dirt, it can break the stone. Or you will see the cracks that become visible after pressure washing. This washing results in eventually breaking the stones.

Is there a solution to avoid breakage?

Well, you can opt for the soft washing method. You already know that soft washing does not need the pressure. So, when pressure is not there, you will not have to risk the durability of the stones to get a better appearance.

The detergents used in the process of soft washing are not harsh on the stones. So, it’s not a threat to the cleaning process. Moreover, you will get the stones cleaned and free from dirt and algae.

Reason of accumulation of dirt and growth of algae

There are various reasons for the growth of algae and the collection of dust on stones.

Weather and humidity

One of the main reasons is the weather and rain in the area. If you live in an area where the weather is usually warm and humid, it is most likely that there will be more dirt and algae growth on the stones, walls and homes.

Moisture and the dampness

The humidity and dampness are not because of the weather only. It can be because of the leakage and seepage in the house. If your home, roof, walls, or floors have the issue of leakage, you will find the growth of algae there.

Why is it essential to remove the algae and dirt?

The reasons are apparent. We cannot avoid the fact that cleaning of the house is essential. If the algae and dirt are not appropriately cleaned, it will not only look terrible, but it will also spread infections, irritations, and the breeding of other organisms. These reasons make it compulsory for the homemakers to clean their house to avoid any unlikely health issues that can happen.

However, not all people understand what material and equipment required for the soft washing process. Contact us today for a free quote (216-839-9274)!