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Concrete Cleaning and Sealing - PowerGreen Pressure Washing

Concrete Cleaning 


PowerGreen offers pressure washing and sealing services for all concrete and hard surface areas. We offer a 3 step process in cleaning your driveways, sidewalks, patios and pool decks.  Our 3 step process allows us to thoroughly clean your concrete areas to bring back your concrete’s natural look.

First, we apply a pre-treat solution to lift up the embedded dirt and allow some dwell to allow the cleaner to do its job. Then, we use our professional grade rotary surface cleaner that spins special nozzles with pressure to fully blast away all the dirt and debris that was trapped on the surface. Once we go over the entire area with our surface cleaner, we then give your concrete areas a final rinse.  Click here to read about Expert Roof Cleaning.

This process gives you the best possible solution for your dirty concrete surfaces. If the surface has a lot of organic growth, we also apply the 4th step in post-treating the areas with a cleaner that kills all the organic bacteria and roots that may have been left behind.

Concrete Cleaning and Sealing - PowerGreen Pressure Washing

Concrete Sealing

Another service that we offer after we thoroughly pressure wash your driveway and other concrete surfaces is concrete sealing.

Let Powergreen protect your concrete against harsh Ohio freeze-thaw winters by using one of our Siloxane-Silane penetrating sealers. We offer the very best sealing product in the area, 100% unmatched by any competitor guaranteed. When cold weather comes you will want one of our sealers to keep the salt and water from damaging your drive or patio.