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Wood Deck Restoration 

Wood believe it or not is a delicate surface to clean. Cleaning your wooden areas the wrong way, can cause damages that cannot be fixed.  Too much pressure or the wrong tips can cause your wood fibers to fur leaving you a horrible looking result.

It takes a steady hand and skill to properly clean wood surfaces! Our trained techs here specialize in all aspects of exterior cleaning and wood surfaces is just another one we take pride in restoring, the right way!

With our process, we do more than just “pressure wash it”. We use a 3 step process to fully restore your wood to it’s natural luster it once had. First we apply our wood cleaning formula that cleans the wood fibers, then we rinse it with just enough pressure to remove all the years of dirt and grime and lastly, we do a brightening step to fully bring back your wood fibers to it’s natural beauty.