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Expert Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning - PowerGreen Pressure Washing

Roof Cleaning

What’s eating your roof?  It’s actually a form of algae that grows, eats and spreads across your roof over time if left untreated. Not only do you visible see the black streams forming over time, but the roof is also slowly being eaten away shortening the lifespan of your roof.

Shingled Roofs deteriorate the fastest because of the filler within the shingles that the algae feeds off of, which can result in a premature roof replacement and also structural damage from holes in the roof allowing water to seep in.

The good news is, we can safely and effectively clean these issues with ease! Yes, we can clean these ugly black streaks with a safe low-pressure soft wash approach which results in killing the roots of the algae, allowing us to offer an instant process from dirty to clean before we leave your driveway in most cases!  It’s all a part of our house washing process.

Soft Washing Process

Our safe soft wash roof cleaning will not void any of your warranties as we clean roofs to the standards and recommended processes to keep your warranty in good standings and is actually recommended to have your roof cleaned every few years to maintain your warranty and your roof’s lifespan. See here for information about Expert House Washing.

Residential Roof Cleaning

We are fully equipped to handle all types of residential roofs.  There are normally 5 types of roofing in the residential sector.  These usually are asphalt shingles (most popular), ceramic roof tiles, slate roof shingles, wood, cedar, and metal roofing. 

Each type of roof has a particular way it needs to be cleaned and these reasons are aesthetics, safety and not to cause damage. Each team member is trained in all these types of roofs and how each should be cleaned.

Expert Highly-Trained Team

Each one of our team members goes through a rigorous process in their training.  In the span of a few months, each employee learns about the types of roofs, how to clean them, how to clean without any damage and how to clean safely. We even teach our employees to look our for any cost savings for your benefit. You can rest assured, every person on your job is highly trained.     


Roof Cleaning - PowerGreen Pressure Washing

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Using our high-quality equipment will help you keep your garden safe and free from debris. We guarantee that by using industrial grade trailers for pressure washing jobs, there is no chance of contacting sensitive areas such as gardens or flower beds which could be damaged if touched with sprayer wands while working hard at removing all dirt from your roof.

We will always make sure that we are constantly keeping your roof’s wellbeing in our minds as we clean it. We are a protective service, so we always aim to allow you to keep your existing roofing system instead of having to prematurely replace it. Our soft wash technique will ensure that your shingles are rid of all dirt and mold without damaging it or allowing water to get underneath them.

We Are Insured

We promise to provide you with nothing but the best service! Our professional technicians will treat your home or business like it is their own. They’re trained professionals who only need a few hours on site before they know exactly what needs taken care of so rest assured knowing that all our Technicians have passed rigorous background checks and were allowed into client’s property after passing an intense training program from top agencies in America-so if anything does happen during these times, we’ll be here 100% covered by commercial general liability insurance through one agency which allows you to have peace of mind when we are working on your roof.


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